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Recent Surge in Piracy Incidents - Angola Anchorage

Recent Surge in Piracy Incidents - Angola Anchorage

Situation Overview:


January 2024 has witnessed an alarming increase in Piracy incidents, notably at Luanda Anchorage in Angola, representing 80% of total incidents in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) region. This necessitates heightened awareness and immediate action.


Agwe Global Recommends and Supports:


1.       Vessel Risk Assessments: Conduct an immediate risk Assessment to identify specific areas where there maybe vulnerability or weaknesses, in vessels onboard defences and ensuring that all defences, reporting procedures and anti-piracy training are in line with Best Management Practises for West Africa.

2.       Enhanced Vigilance: Advise crew members to remain on high alert whilst vessel is at anchor or whilst on transits through HRA with concentrated anti-piracy watches.

3.       Security Escort Vessels (SEV): Consider deploying an SEV for enhanced protection during transit and at anchorage.

4.       Incident Reporting: Promptly report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities as guided by BMP WAF.

5.       Deployment of Host Nation Armed Forces: Consider deploying a team of armed guards for a robust defence against potential threats.


Agwe Global provides a number of Security & Risk Mitigating services, and is ISO certified for its West Africa Operations, including ISO 18788:2015 (as recommended by OCIMF for the provision of Host Nation Forces onboard commercial vessels).

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