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When transiting the Gulf of Guinea, it is critical that ship-owners and charterers understand the following information when considering the use of armed security: It is illegal for Private Maritime Security Companies to carry firearms in any of the West African territorial waters, Nigeria, (Lagos, Port Harcourt & Calabar), Togo, (Lomé), Benin, (Cotonou) and Ghana, (Takoradi & Tema). It is also illegal for Private Maritime Security Companies to transit firearms through any of these countries.

Any armed security personnel inside of these countries’ territorial waters must be serving members of the National Armed Forces. The National Armed Forces of the respective countries will not provide insurance for their personnel on-board commercially operating ships , Agwe ensures that all personnel operate professionally and efficiently in line with their ISO 18788:2015 Security Operations Management in order to mitigate any risks. Agwe also has the relevant Public & Professional liability insurances as per BIMCO Guardian for WAF.

Internal Quality Audits


In order to ensure that standards and service quality is maintained consistently, we undertake internal audits to evaluate performance, deployment paperwork, HSSE briefings, equipment checks, operational procedures, and knowledge of task and service delivery. 


Quality Management System


  • Our Quality Management System is certified with ISO 9001:2015.

  • This showcases our proactive approach to quality assurance.


Health, Safety, Security and Environment


Our partners & consultants receive comprehensive HSSE training, along with familiarisation training on how to operate in complex and hazardous environments. Bespoke risk assessments along with due diligence are carried out rigorously and control measures are put in place, In accordance with ISO 45001:2018, to which Agwe is certified. We protect our clients by providing state of the art monitoring systems, with comprehensive professional indemnity & liability insurances. 


Human Rights


Agwe Global affirm that they have a duty of care to respect human rights, and fulfil humanitarian responsibilities towards, all those affected by our business activities, including personnel, clients, suppliers, shareholders, and the population of the area in which services are provided. Agwe Global have achieved Affiliate membership of ICoCA & recognise the importance of respecting the various cultures encountered in our work, as well as the individuals Agwe come into contact with, as a result of those activities.





  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 18788:2015

  • ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012

  • ISO 28000:2007

  • ISO 45001:2018

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