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Grievance Process

·  Should you have a grievance or wish to make a complaint either against a company employee or against the company itself please feel free to use the process below or contact one of our company directors, Tom Cockburn at:

·  Agwe’s policies and procedures not only reflect those principles of the ICoCA but are fully supported by the management and all employees.

·  Individuals who go through our grievance mechanism are able to report anonymously if you wish to do so.

·  Our company will report to relevant and competent authorities if management deem the severity of the complaint warrants, in the event that a case has to be reported to the competent authorities, our company will cooperate with any and all official investigations.

·  Any breach which management might constitute as being a criminal or civil offence will be reported without delay and with absolute transparency to the relevant authorities.

·  Records of the complaints received will be kept indefinitely, processed & secured appropriately will be made available to relevant authorities if required.

·  Persons complaining will be protected against retaliation.

·  Disciplinary action will be taken against any person or persons found to be in breach of the code. The action taken will be dependent on the severity of the established misconduct

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