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Security Escort Vessel Services

  • Fast Support Intervention Vessels

  • Security Escort Services in a no of WAF Countries

  • Offshore Oil & Gas Terminal Patrolling

  • STS Operations

  • Seismic Survey

  • Fisheries Protection

  • Fast Crew Transfers

Onboard Host Nation Armed Security Forces

  • 24/7 Naval Armed Security Team

  • RT Ex Navy Liaison Officer

  • The Capability to Assist & Prevent Piracy/Stowaways

Vessel Vulnerability Security Risk Assessment

  • In Line with BMP WAF

  • Prepare, Construct and Improve Vessel Defences

  • Procurement of Vessel Defences/Requirements In Line with BML

Pre-voyage Risk Assessment

  • Identify Clear Passage

  • Mitigate Risk/Route

24/7 Vessel Monitor and Track

  • Advanced Secure Tracking Facility Based in WAF

Maritime Domain Information Reporting

  • Up To Date Alerts

  • Weekly Reports

  • Port and Voyage Risk Assessments

Stowaway Searches

  • Search Team to Provide Searches Prior to Departure

  • In Port At Sea

  • 4-Person Team with Specialist Canine

Narcotics Search

  • Onshore/Offshore

PFSO, CSO, MSO, SSO Training and Guidance

  • To Carry Out Port Facility Security Assessment & Planning

  • In-house Training

Medical Training

  • Basic to Advanced Medical Training

ISPS/ISM/MLC Compliance Auditing

  • Qualified Auditing by Agwe Global Ltd

SMS Auditing

  • Qualified Auditing by Agwe Global Ltd

OVID/SIRE Inspections

  • Qualified Inspections Carried Out by Agwe Global Ltd

Crisis Response Training and Planning

  • Team Management

  • Team Training

  • Real Time Rehearsals Involving Piracy Incidents/Medical Emergencies

Kidnap & Ransom

  • Planning, Response & Logistics

  • Guidance and Advice

  • Agency and Authority Liaison 

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