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A Life Out There On Board by Desmond Ajiboye

A Life Out There On Board by Desmond Ajiboye

Rtd Senior Nigerian Naval Officer, Desmond Ajiboye's daily routine as Agwe Global's lead Maritime Security Liaison Officer (MSLO) onboard a clients vessel is a carefully orchestrated series of tasks aimed at ensuring the safety, security & harmony of both the vessel and its crew. Here's an outline of a typical day in the life of Desmond:

08:00hrs the day begins with a daily morning briefing from the Master and Officer on watch, reviewing the previous evenings activities and latest intelligence updates on maritime threats and current operations.

Equipped with this information, coordinating with the Naval armed security team and vessel's crew, is paramount, it ensures everyone is kept in the loop and is working on the same page regarding the necessary security measures which are currently in place.

0900hrs I Engage in a coordination/update meeting with the Nigerian Navy Officer in charge. Discusses the day's itinerary, potential security challenges, and any adjustments to the security plan and of course any issues the Navy may have from his side.

1000hrs I normally conduct a security briefing for the entire crew, giving necessary Piracy updates and emphasizing the importance of adhering to security protocols, situational awareness, and emergency response procedures, providing I’m not restricted due to current operations.

1100hrs I assist in ensuring the Nigerian Navy are conducting their duties as expected and report to the Agwe Global Shore base Team – Operations as required.

1200hrs – 1800hrs routine security checks throughout the vessel, ensuring that access points are secure, surveillance systems are functioning correctly, and emergency equipment is readily accessible, and the Navy are on duty and performing their duties. During this period around 1500hrs I send in a daily situation report to operations detailing all the necessary information.

1900hrs a chance to get some dinner and preparation for the night watch rotation, overseeing security measures during the night. This involves monitoring radar systems, conducting periodic security patrols, liaising with the Naval watch and ensuring all security protocols are maintained.

2200hrs I conclude the day with a debriefing session, discussing any security incidents, challenges faced, and the overall security posture. Plans for the next day's security activities and addresses any outstanding issues with the Master/OOW.

Desmond Ajiboye's daily routine is characterized by a meticulous approach to security, proactive communication, and continuous training to ensure that the vessel and its crew are well-prepared to navigate potential challenges in the dynamic maritime environment.

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