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Agwe receives recognition and thanks from a key client.

Agwe thank you testimonial

"As you are aware, on the previous Friday, a group of stowaways was detected attempting to gain unauthorized access to the rudder trunk of one of our vessels in Lagos after it had completed its cargo operations.
This group consisted of 14 stowaways, who were discovered during a thorough inspection of the crew and onboard security personnel well before the vessel's departure. Thanks to the swift actions and expert guidance provided by AGWE, these 14 stowaways were safely disembarked without any complications and promptly brought ashore.
Once again, AGWE's professionalism and expertise have demonstrated their crucial role in ensuring secure and successful operations in the West African region. On behalf of the vessel's owners, we extend our gratitude for your high-quality and dependable services, which greatly contributed to the smooth resolution of this matter."

  • CEO, Greek Tanker Owner

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