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Ensuring Excellence: Agwe Conducts Rigorous Due Diligence on third party service providers

Ensuring Excellence: Agwe Global Limited Conducts Rigorous Due Diligence for Third-Party Providers

At Agwe, we continuously strive for excellence by maintaining strict conformance with our internal management processes.

On May 29, 2024, our Lead auditor carried out due diligence as part of our process’s in favour of another potential third party service provider and their vessel. This was conducted alongside in Apapa, Lagos State. This process is aligned with Clause 8.4 of the ISO 9001:2015 Standards, which ensures that all third party service providers and external processes meet the necessary quality standards and requirements. It also adheres to the Guidance for the Employment of Private Maritime Security Companies, specifically utilizing the Appendix B: Security Escort Vessels (SEV) checklist.

As part of our due diligence, our assessor reviewed the vessel's trading documents using our Vessel's Trading Documents Tracker to monitor their status. During the inspection, several critical documents were highlighted, as can be seen in red, indicating they require immediate renewal due to expiration or unavailability.

There were notable improvements regarding the Bridge Navigational System, with our assessor observing that all components were functional, ensuring operational efficiency in navigation.

We strongly advise the potential service provider to prioritize the renewal or availability of these documents and address other non-conformities identified during the inspection to ensure a successful conclusion of the due diligence process.

By conducting rigorous due diligence on our third party service providers, Agwe ensures client satisfaction and that provided Security Escort Vessels (SEVs) are fit for purpose and meet all regulatory & statutory requirements.

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