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Spotlight on Excellence: Agwe Global's Stowaway Prevention Strategy

At Agwe Global, we understand the critical importance of ensuring the security and safety of our clients' vessels. That's why we've developed through experience a meticulous approach to stowaway searches, leveraging the robust MSLO Procedure alongside our comprehensive Stowaway Prevention Checklist.

Our trained professionals work hand-in-hand with the Maritime Security Liaison Officer (MSLO), conducting thorough inspections and searches to secure every potential space is checked and cleared. Our methodical process not only aligns with, but exceeds industry standards, providing peace of mind and safeguarding both crew and vessel integrity.

Agwe Global's Stowaway Prevention Strategy

Why trust Agwe Global with your stowaway search?

1. Comprehensive Checks: Our Stowaway Prevention Checklist is designed to cover all potential areas where stowaways may find suitable locations to conceal themselves. We also liaise with local Port Authorities and PFSO's to ensure stowaways are not entering the vessel unlawfully and from shoreside

2. Expert MSLO Coordination: Working closely with the MSLO, we ensure that all procedures are followed to the letter, bolstering security measures.

3. Dedication to Excellence: Our commitment to security and efficiency drives us to continuously refine our strategies and procedures.

At Agwe Global, we're not just about meeting expectations; we're about exceeding them. Your safety and security are our top priorities, and through our diligent stowaway search procedures, we make sure your journey is as secure as it is successful.

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