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Agwe Global at Kales Thalasses Me Ygeia Ke Asfalia
Agwe Global at Kales Thalasses Me Ygeia Ke Asfalia

We were honoured to be among the prestigious sponsors and guests of the successful event “KALES THALASSES ME YGEIA KE ASFALIA” that took place at the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club at Mikrolimano in Piraeus.

We actively participated in the discussion regarding the well-being of the crew onboard seagoing vessels and the importance of encouraging and supporting cadets entering this demanding business. Sea cadets play a vital role in nurturing the next generation of maritime professionals. By providing them with opportunities for training, education, mentorship and hands-on experience, we are investing in the future of the maritime industry.

The challenges that all these individuals face while navigating the vast oceans are not to be taken lightly. Ensuring the crew's well-being requires a comprehensive approach that includes providing adequate rest, proper nutrition, access to medical facilities, and opportunities for recreation and social interaction. Additionally, addressing mental health issues and promoting a positive work environment are crucial in safeguarding the overall well-being of the crew. It is essential to prioritise the welfare of these brave individuals who dedicate their lives to maritime operations.

Agwe Global extends a sincere thank you to the President Mrs Ero Daskalaki for being a welcoming hostess to this successful and fruitful discussion.

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